Safety/Self-Defense Workshops

“Woman to Woman” Safety Awareness and Self Defense Company Workshops 

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“Woman to Woman” workshops  provide a “toolbox” of safety ideas and items that will enhance a female’s right to safety and  assist them in their defense -- helping each to become their own bodyguard! 

These powerful workshops are created and facilitated by women, teenagers and children of the Martial Arts.  Together, we educate, train and reduce the risks for women and children. 

Mother/Daughter and Children Workshops 

These informative and inspirational workshops are presented in a 2 hour, easy to understand format, offering insight and instruction to personal protection and self-defense skills. 

“Kids Kan” Program 

The “Kids Kan” Program is designed for parents to train alongside their child in “Stranger-Danger” topics. How to handle the “Bully” and Awareness/Re-Action to environmental dangers. Topics are handled with a feminine approach with age-appropriate material. “Kids Kan” offers parents the empowerment to expand on their own values and desires for their childrens’ self-protection. 

Mother/Daughter Workshops 

The Mother/Daughter workshop is designed for moms and teen-age girls to address the needs and concerns of young women who are college-bound, working and/or socializing outside of the home, beginning to date or have relationships with the opposite gender. W2W offers the backdrop to introduce this subject matter and the skills necessary in a friendly, comfortable format.  The instruction will provide windows of opportunity for moms and daughters to comfortably discuss self-defense issues and practice the physical skills. 

“Woman to Woman” Adult Workshops 

“I am Worth It” Workshop 

The “I am Worth It” workshop is designed for the adult-age woman.  Whether it is a corporate sponsored seminar for working and traveling females, a private group of homemakers, or a workshop for public-service female employees, “I am Worth It” will offer education, training, and empowerment to fit your individual needs. 
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Jan 25, 2010, 11:29 AM